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Start Your Entrepreneurship Journey

Self Employ Now recognizes that each individual values different aspects of a business venture.  Let us guide you through our proven discovery process to find the perfect fit for your goals and budget.

Opening Doors to the Perfect Franchise

Here's How it Works


Use Our Assessment Tool

This valuable tool serves as the foundation for a more meaningful conversation with us.  The completion of the assessment will lead to a greater understanding of your goals, motivations, risk tolerance, and preferred work style.  This process will enable you to gain valuable insights into your own aspirations and preferences, fostering a deeper self-awareness and will enable us to serve you better.


Review Results

We'll schedule a meeting to explore and review your results.  During this collaborative session, we will diligently analyze and identify the most suitable business categories and types that make sense for you.


Get Connected

Self Employ Now will provide a Top 10 List of matches and you'll select the franchises you want to speak with.  We'll make the introductions.  Self Employ Now can also introduce you to funding partners, franchise attorneys, and CPA's. 


You Decide if Right Match

Each Franchisor will guide you through a comprehensive discovery process to provide a deeper understanding of their business model.  During this phase, you will have a chance to compare different franchises and determine which ones align best with your goals and aspirations.



The next step is to enter the validation phase.  Here you'll have the opportunity to further investigate and validate the information provided by Franchisors.  This critical phase involves speaking with current franchisees, visiting existing franchise locations and conducting thorough research to ensure you make an informed decision about the franchise opportunity that suits you best.


Decision Time

Not all franchises are equal.  Thorough research and due diligence are crucial.  By now, you've spoken with a Team of Experts, Franchise Executives, Franchisees, reviewed Financial Disclosure Documents, and probably talked over the options with your family - it's time to make a decision.  

Buying a franchise offers aspiring entrepreneurs an excellent opportunity to own and operate their own business with the support of an established brand and a proven business model. From immediate brand recognition and comprehensive training to access to resources and reduced decision-making pressures, the benefits of buying a franchise are vast.

Find What's Right For You


Franchise Categories

We have a current listing of the franchises available to you for each category listed.  If you are interested in any of these categories, simply go to the Contact Page and complete the form.

Advertising - Automotive - Beauty & Spa - Boutique Specialty Retail - Business Services - Coaching - Child Education - Residential & Commercial Cleaning - Computer Technology - Fitness - Food & Beverage - Health & Wellness - Home Improvement - Pet Care & Grooming - Restoration - Senior Care - Sports & Recreation - Staffing -Travel & Event Planning - Vending


Business Types

Franchising offers a diverse array of business types, catering to different industries, markets, and entrepreneur preferences. Here are some of the common types of businesses that can be franchised: 

Home-Based Franchise - Brick & Mortar Franchise - Business-to-Business Franchise - Ramp Up Quick Franchise - SBA Fast Tracked Franchise - E2 Visa Compatible Franchise - Non-Territory Specific Franchise.  


Fit Your Needs

Buying a franchise can offer various financial rewards for entrepreneurs, each with its own set of advantages and considerations. Here are the different financial motivations of buying a franchise:

Passive Income, Semi-Passive Income, Supplemental Income, Generational Wealth, Enhanced Revenue to an existing Business, Financial Independence of Being Your Own Boss.

Success Stories

Franchise Location + Regional Development


Meet Alex, a visionary entrepreneur, bought a region from a fitness franchise and fearlessly opened the first gym.  He mentored fellow entrepreneurs, helping them launch successful gyms, and shared in their collective success.  The region thrived with a network of gyms, reaching both financial rewards and the fulfillment of empowering others to achieve their dreams.

Franchise Stacking


As a successful CMO of a private company, Larry teamed up with his brother to open a burger franchise in a different state.  The venture thrived, prompting him to open other franchise businesses stacking different brands across the US.  He eventually left his executive role to focus solely on his flourishing restaurant empire.

Meet Merrie, the thriving real estate agent who had a brilliant idea. She purchased a solar energy franchise, realizing it offered immediate ROI for homeowners. The synergy between her real estate business and solar franchise led to financial success and a sense of fulfillment. Merrie's efforts not only improved lives but also made a positive impact on the community and the environment.


Complementary Franchise to Your Business

We have access to a network of more than 500 established & emerging brands.  We make finding good franchises easy.

Large Franchise Network

Franchisees benefit from the experience, support, and resources of an established and successful franchise system, reducing the risks and challenges of starting an independent business. They have a network of fellow franchisees and the backing of the franchisor to rely on.

Match to a Franchise

Franchising offers individuals the opportunity to be in business for themselves, but not by themselves. We believe you should build your own dreams or someone else will you hire you to build theirs. There is no cost and no obligation to start a dialogue. Let's do this - together. Take the first step.

Start Your Journey Now

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