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Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most common questions that we hear from prospective franchisees.

The Answers You Need

Their primary role is to assist individuals interested in owing their own business find suitable opportunities that align with their interests, skills, and financial capabilities.  Franchise brokers possess in-depth knowledge of various franchise systems and their requirements.

What is the role of a Franchisor Broker?

The client does not pay for our services.  If you purchase a franchise we introduce, the franchisor pays us a commission.

How do Franchise Brokers get compensated?

Self Employ Now is networked with over 500+ franchises that are members of the Franchise Broker's Association.  Our search, however, is not limited to these brands.  We continually research and educate ourselves on franchise opportunities by attending expo's, subscribing to news articles, and performing direct outreach.

Are you affiliated with any specific franchise brands?

We start with conducting a Business Assessment that integrates 7 different sciences and scoring methods to predict compatibility to different franchise types and models.  We follow that up with a consultation to learn more about your goals, motivations, geographic needs and budget.

What criteria do you use to to match potential franchisees with suitable franchise opportunities?

Typical costs associated with purchasing a franchise include an initial franchise fee, on-going royalty fees, and of course marketing and operational fees associated with the specific type of business.  Overall, the total investment varies widely and depends on the franchise size, reputation and location.  It's essential to review the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) to understand all associated costs before making a decision.  But, it may be more affordable than you think.

What are the typical costs associated with purchasing a franchise?

There are many ways to fund a business.  We'll introduce you to funding partners who have the expertise to help you.

Is financing or financial assistance available?

No.  In fact, we encourage you to keep an open mind to learn about business categories you are not familiar with.  The benefit of purchasing a franchise is they provide the support and resources to teach you their proven system.

Am I limited to purchasing a franchise that I have specific industry experience in?

Yes.  We are networked with business opportunities that are not franchised.

I don't want to buy a franchise, but I want to be in business for myself, can you still help me?

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