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About Self Employ Now

At Self Employ Now we believe that a successful business not only benefits the owner but also enriches the community it operates in.

The right opportunity changes lives. We are dedicated to assisting individuals in attaining personal & financial independence through the exploration of business ownership.  We are committed to empowering people through honest franchise guidance so they can positively impact their communities through a business they love.

No Cost & No Obligation

The best part is, there is absolutely no obligation involved. You have the freedom to explore your options without any financial commitment. Should you decide to pursue business ownership with one of the franchisors I introduce you to, they will compensate me with a commission. This means you can embark on the journey towards the life you have intentionally designed, supported by a franchisor that aligns with your vision.

Vicki Hamp

After three decades of achievement in driving revenue, profitability, and overall organizational success in the real estate industry, I decided to leverage my professional background to help others discover their path to business ownership.  I devote exceptional effort to educate my clients aiming to ensure they feel at ease when making decisions.  I cultivate an atmosphere that fosters exploration without imposing any unnecessary pressure to hastily conclude their choices.

How We Help

Recognizing that each individual values different aspects of a business venture, I offer a proven 5 Step Process tailored to your unique needs. It all begins with an enjoyable and exciting business assessment, which helps you gain a deeper understanding of your aspirations and goals. Throughout the process, I will introduce you to various franchise concepts and funding partners, ensuring you have access to all the necessary resources.

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