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Unlock New Heights in Your Real Estate Business with Service Diversification


Welcome High-Performing Real Estate Agents!


Are you a successful real estate agent looking to take your business to the next level? Imagine having the power to not only facilitate seamless property transactions but also cater to the essential home care needs of your clients. Introducing a specialized home maintenance service can revolutionize your business and position you as the go-to resource for all things real estate and home services.


By expanding the range of services your real estate business offers, or even adding a new business pillar, you can attract new clients, increase revenue streams, and build a more resilient business.

Why Add a Home Service Business to Your Portfolio?

In today’s real estate industry, relying on what has always worked may no longer be enough for sustainable growth. Fewer people are selling homes today than they did before. So, if you continue to do what you’ve always done you are going to sell less real estate than you’ve sold before. While your current services may have served you well in the past, diversifying can open opportunities for new markets and increased revenue. As market trends and regulations continue to change, having a diversified business can provide a buffer against potential downturns in the economy.

The Market Reality

You're meeting with a potential client who is considering listing their home. They mention that they've recently made several improvements to their property in hopes of maximizing its value before putting it on the market. You inquire about the nature of these improvements and discover that they've invested in updating their kitchen,renovating their bathrooms, and adding a fresh coat of paint throughout the house. 

According to recent data, approximately 58% of homeowners make improvements to their homes before contacting a real estate agent to list their property for sale.  By identifying and connecting with potential sellers early in their decision-making process, you increase your chances of securing their business as a listing agent.

Scenario 1: Pre-Listing Home Improvements

During a consultation with a homeowner eager to sell their property, they express their desire to address some maintenance issues before officially listing it on the market. They mention concerns like faded exterior paint and mildew stains on the siding that could potentially deter potential buyers. Recognizing an opportunity to provide additional value and boost your revenue stream, you propose a comprehensive pre-market maintenance plan that includes painting and power washing services.


You explain how freshening up the paint and rejuvenating the exterior through power washing can significantly enhance the curb appeal of their home, attracting more interest from prospective buyers and potentially increasing its market value.

Scenario 2: Revenue Generation Through Pre-Market Maintenance Assistance

You receive a call from a delighted past client, John, whose home you helped sell last year. John expresses his gratitude for your exceptional service and mentions that he's been singing your praises to his neighbors. He explains that his neighbor, Sarah, was so impressed by the transformation of his home before the sale that she's now looking to repaint her own house and wants to hire the same professionals who worked on his property.


John enthusiastically recommends you to Sarah, highlighting your expertise in not only real estate transactions but also home improvement projects like painting. He assures her that you're the best person to assist with her home renovation needs based on his firsthand experience working with you.


Sarah, impressed by John's glowing recommendation and eager to give her home a fresh new look, reaches out to you to inquire about your painting services. As you discuss her requirements and preferences, you realize the immense potential for

leveraging this referral to expand your network and multiply your database of clients.

Scenario 3: Leveraging Past Client Referrals to Expand Your Network

Opportunities for Growth in Home Services

Provide your sellers, buyers, and future prospective clients with a fresh look inside or outside the home. Offer 18 different services all under one umbrella: Interior Painting, Exterior Painting, Cabinet Refinishing, Drywall Repair, Popcorn Removal, Lime Washing, Fence Staining, Deck Staining, and Concrete Staining just to name a few. A corporate appointment center schedules all leads. Minimal employees needed, no storefront, and no equipment needed.

Painting Services

Launch one of North America's top-rated flooring companies. Gain access to a vast inventory of name-brand flooring options from reputable national producers, catering to every style and budget. Bring the showroom directly to your clients and streamline operations with a tablet-based Franchisee Operations Platform.


Start with one truck and two employees. Be part of a niche business with proven growth. Offer these services to your clients so they don’t have to do it themselves! The Global Power Washing market is expected to reach $3.9 Billion by 2030.

Power Washing

Launching a business that sells window treatments aligns seamlessly with a real estate business.  One of the most common times people purchase window blinds and coverings is when they move into a new home. This business is cash-flow friendly and does not require stocking inventory.  Customers pay before ordering. It’s a simple business with low overhead.  Events such as weddings and holidays may prompt people to purchase new window treatments as well and this is a good time to be in touch with your real estate clients.

Window Treatments

Offer interior and exterior window cleaning, screen cleaning, window track steaming, gutter cleaning, house washing, and high-pressure power washing, to grow relationships and revenue within your existing customer base. The simple and robust business model features repeat revenue opportunities and high customer retention potential. The corporate-run facility handles incoming calls, quoting, sales, customer scheduling, and reminders.

Window Cleaning

Own the First Garage Renovation franchise. From Garage Door Installation & Repair to Epoxy Flooring. Increase the value of the home, starting with the garage! Every home in America has a garage door that needs repair any time of the year. This along with many other service options ensures steady revenue opportunities year-round. The corporate team schedules appointments and estimates.

Garage Improvements

Virtually every household is in need of grout refinishing, making it a highly in-demand niche.  Start with an estimator and a technician. Very little inventory is needed, what you need is on the van. The National Call Center handles all phone calls, sets appointments, and works web leads for you.

Grout Refinishing

Establish a niche service in the realm of home services, such as refinishing wood and fiberglass doors. This allows you to target a specific audience of customers who are seeking expertise in that particular area. Focusing on a niche service often results in higher customer satisfaction and loyalty, as you become known as the go-to expert. This can lead to increased referrals and a more sustainable business. For those who don't want to manage another business, this door refinishing franchise has investor models available.  A Corporate Team runs the business for you.

Door Refinishing

You can start a business offering lawn care for greener, healthier lawn ecosystems.   Provide services like weed control, fertilization, aerating, seeding, tree, and shrub care. It's a 7-treatment subscription-based service billed monthly over 12 months, ensuring year-round revenue. No need for brick-and-mortar or costly equipment.  Scaling your business is as simple as taking delivery on a new van and training a new technician.

Lawn Care

Let's Connect!

There are endless possibilities in Home Services. If none of these pique your interest, we can explore other options. The Home Services industry is built to thrive in any economy. The aging population presents a significant demand for home services. With seniors increasingly outsourcing routine maintenance tasks, coupled with the aging of our homes alongside our population, and the time constraints faced by modern homeowners in today's fast-paced society, the need for professional home services continues to grow exponentially.

The Time is Now

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