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The Magic of Depreciation: How Entrepreneurship Creates Wealth Out of Thin Air

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

In the world of taxation, there's a concept that might seem like magic—depreciation. It's the financial wizardry that allows you to receive deductions for something that seemingly doesn't cost you a dime, essentially creating money out of thin air.

This remarkable principle is beautifully captured in an excerpt from the book "Tax-Free Wealth" by Tom Wheelwright, CPA, where he states, "Depreciation is like magic. You get a deduction for something that doesn't cost you any money. You create money out of the air." But what exactly is depreciation, and how does it relate to going into business for yourself? In this blog, we'll unravel the enchanting world of depreciation and explore how it can empower entrepreneurs to build and protect their wealth.

The Magic of Depreciation

Tom Wheelwright's statement aptly portrays the essence of depreciation—it's a financial tool that allows you to enjoy tax deductions for the wear and tear on your income-producing assets, even though you aren't spending any actual money. But why is this important, and how can it benefit entrepreneurs?

Creating Money Out of Thin Air

Imagine you own a business that includes a fleet of delivery trucks. Over time, these trucks will naturally wear down and lose value. Depreciation recognizes this fact and allows you to deduct a portion of the trucks' value each year on your tax return. This deduction reduces your taxable income, putting more money back into your pocket. It's as if you're creating money from thin air by acknowledging the inherent depreciation of your assets.

Protecting Your Wealth

Entrepreneurs often invest in physical assets like real estate or equipment to generate income. Depreciation plays a vital role in preserving and growing your wealth. By deducting depreciation expenses, you lower your taxable income, which, in turn, reduces the amount you owe in taxes. This means more of your hard-earned money stays with you, allowing you to reinvest, expand your business, or diversify your portfolio.

The Versatility of Depreciation

Depreciation isn't limited to physical assets like buildings or machinery. It extends to intangible assets as well, such as computer software or patents, where it's referred to as amortization. Regardless of the asset type, the goal remains the same—to create tax benefits that fuel financial growth.

How Entrepreneurship Amplifies Depreciation's Magic

Now, let's connect the dots between depreciation and entrepreneurship:

  • Ownership of Income-Producing Assets: As an entrepreneur, you're likely to acquire income-generating assets for your business, whether it's real estate, machinery, or intellectual property. These assets become vehicles for depreciation or amortization deductions.

  • Tax Efficiency: By strategically leveraging depreciation, entrepreneurs can reduce their tax liability. Lower taxes mean more capital to reinvest in the business, hire employees, innovate, or expand.

  • Long-Term Wealth Building: Over time, the cumulative effect of depreciation deductions can be substantial. Entrepreneurs can use this advantage to build long-term wealth, all while running a successful business.


Depreciation may seem like magic, but it's a legitimate and powerful tool within the tax code. Entrepreneurs who understand and harness its potential can create money from thin air, protect their wealth, and achieve financial prosperity.

By going into business for yourself, you unlock the door to a world where assets work for you not only through their income but also through the tax benefits they bring. The magic of depreciation is real, and entrepreneurs have the opportunity to make it an integral part of their financial success story.


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