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Tap the Double Digit Growth in Cleaning Services

Updated: Jan 1

One of the under-the-radar growth industries is cleaning services which are in high demand for several reasons. 

Busy Lifestyles: The hectic pace of modern life often leaves individuals with little time for household chores. With demanding work schedules and other commitments, people increasingly turn to cleaning services to maintain a tidy living space without sacrificing their precious time.

Dual-Income Households: In households where both partners work, there is a greater willingness to invest in cleaning services. The financial capacity to outsource cleaning tasks allows families to enjoy a cleaner home without having to allocate scarce time for chores.

Specialized Expertise: Professional cleaning services offer specialized expertise and access to advanced cleaning technologies and products. This expertise is particularly valuable for tasks that require deep cleaning, stain removal, or dealing with specific cleaning challenges that may be beyond the capabilities of the average homeowner.

Health and Hygiene Concerns: Heightened awareness of health and hygiene, especially in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, has led to an increased emphasis on cleanliness. Many individuals now prioritize regular, thorough cleaning to create a healthier living environment, further driving the demand for professional cleaning services.

Quality and Efficiency: Cleaning services can deliver a level of quality and efficiency that may be challenging for individuals to achieve on their own. Professional cleaners bring experience, training, and specialized equipment to ensure a thorough and effective cleaning process, contributing to the rising demand for their services.

Cleaning Franchise Examples

A multitude of franchises have tapped this soaring demand over a long period of time and are still taking advantage of the home services bonanza. Here are a few exemplary ones:

Carpet Cleaning – The Carpet Chemist

Carpet cleaning is a $5 billion industry, and it’s projected to continue growing by approximately 3% annually. The Carpet Chemist has cornered and outsized share of its category by offering what other carpet cleaning franchises can’t. Most carpet cleaning companies are only equipped to clean carpets, but The Carpet Chemist offers a range of in-demand niche services, including carpet stretching and carpet dyeing, making it consumers’ go-to resource for virtually any carpet need.

Commercial Cleaning – Jantize Hybrid

With over 40 years of experience in the commercial cleaning industry, Jantize has established a solid reputation as a reliable and efficient provider of cleaning services. And now, with the Jantize Hybrid franchise opportunity, you can join this successful brand and take advantage of the rapidly growing demand for eco-friendly cleaning solutions. What sets Jantize Hybrid apart from other cleaning franchises is the comprehensive training and support provided to franchisees. From initial training to ongoing support, Jantize is committed to ensuring the success of each franchisee.

Dry-cleaning & Laundry – Oxxo Care Cleaners

OXXO® Care Cleaners is a unique concept of dry-cleaning. We are revolutionizing not only the way dry-cleaning is typically done but we are also offering a new experience of customer service. At OXXO® we offer a service that is Environmentally safe, in products and processes; Convenience to our customers. 24/7 automatic Pick-Up and Drop-Off; The best quality, hand iron finishing. No awful odor in the clothes. We are technologically advanced, technology to save money, and a Mobil App through which our customers may request pick-up and delivery, know when their orders are ready, and more.

House Cleaning – Home Clean Heroes

Home Clean Heroes is the only residential cleaning franchise with the mission of giving back to First Responders. In fact, a portion of every cleaning fee supports local market First Responder families through a variety of grants, scholarships, bereavement funding, mental health programs and much more in conjunction with our partner, First Responders Children’s Foundation. It’s a truly unique differentiator for our brand that resonates with consumers and franchisees alike!

Junk Removal Businesses – Rubbish Works Junk Removal

For over a decade, Rubbish Works Junk Removal has been providing residential and commercial customers throughout the country with reliable and affordable junk removal and dumpster rental services. We have a passion for our patrons, our partners, and our planet and provide progressive rubbish disposal solutions to fulfill the growing demand. Each of our locations is independently owned and operated yet supported by a national franchise network. Together, we harness the collective strengths, knowledge, and efficiencies of our network to deliver unrivaled services.

Window Cleaning – Worried Bird

The year-round services include window cleaning, window screens, pressure washing, holiday lighting & rain gutter cleaning. Whether owner-operated or owner-managed Worried Bird’s “operator first” method of execution from proprietary, patent-pending Gig Rigs makes Worried Bird ownership easily scalable and highly efficient right from the ground in a recession-resistant industry that’s been around for over 100 years. Customers, using the proprietary software, instantly get pricing online, then subscribe as members that provide long-lasting, recurring revenue for years to come.


The Category Opportunity

This industry offers a promising future filled with convenience and growth market opportunities. It's time to step into this thriving market, carve your niche, and embark on a journey of business ownership that's both lucrative and fulfilling.

Your Opportunity

If your interest is piqued and the possibilities resonate with you, I am here to support you at every step. So, whether you have specific questions, desire more information, or wish to speak directly with a franchise representative, I’m ready to assist! 


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