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Retiring Rich: The Triple Play of Wealth Building for Entrepreneurs

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Retirement - that golden chapter of life when you finally get to step out of the rat race. However, as the witty Gene Perret reminds us, retiring might mean having less cheese unless we understand the essential concepts of wealth building.

In his book "Tax-Free Wealth," Tom Wheelwright highlights three critical concepts that can help you retire rich, not poor: compound interest, leverage, and velocity. In this blog, we'll explore these concepts in the context of entrepreneurship and how they can be powerful tools for business owners on their path to financial freedom.

1) Compound Interest: The Snowball Effect

Imagine your money is a snowball rolling down a hill, steadily accumulating more snow as it goes. This is the essence of compound interest. As an entrepreneur, you have a unique advantage in harnessing the power of compound interest:

  • Business Earnings: Your business generates income, and when that income is reinvested or compounded, it can grow exponentially over time.

  • Tax Efficiency: Understanding the tax code allows you to minimize your tax liability, leaving more money to compound and work for you.

  • Investment Opportunities: As a business owner, you have the ability to explore a range of investment opportunities that can further amplify the effects of compound interest.

2) Leverage: Doing More with Less

Leverage is the art of using other people's time, money, or resources to achieve your goals. Entrepreneurship and leverage go hand in hand:

  • Financial Leverage: As a business owner, you can leverage other people's money through loans, investors, or partnerships to fund your business growth.

  • Human Capital: Your team and employees represent a form of leverage. They help you scale your business and increase its value without doing everything yourself.

  • Technology: Leveraging technology can streamline operations, boost productivity, and enhance customer experiences, all of which contribute to your business's success.

3) Velocity: Speeding Up Wealth Creation

Velocity refers to the speed at which your money moves through various investments and returns to you. Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to increase velocity in several ways:

  • Reinvestment: By quickly reinvesting earnings back into your business or other investments, you can compound returns faster.

  • Diversification: Smart diversification across different assets and ventures can increase the speed at which your wealth grows.

  • Continuous Learning: Entrepreneurial success often depends on adapting to changing markets. Investing in your knowledge and skills can speed up your ability to seize new opportunities.


Retiring rich, not poor, is a goal shared by many, and Tom Wheelwright's insights from "Tax-Free Wealth" offer a valuable roadmap. As an entrepreneur, you're in a prime position to harness the power of compound interest, leverage, and velocity.

By reinvesting in your business, leveraging financial and human capital, and accelerating the velocity of your wealth through strategic actions, you can pave the way for a comfortable retirement and achieve financial freedom. Entrepreneurship isn't just a career; it's a path to wealth creation and a secure retirement.


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