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Home Services Businesses: Where Profit Finds a 'Home' Sweet Home

Updated: Jan 1

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur looking for an industry on the rise? Look no further than the home services sector, which is currently experiencing a remarkable surge in demand. With homeowners increasingly seeking convenience and outsourcing various tasks, this industry presents a goldmine of possibilities.

We delve into the statistics fueling the surge in home services and introduce you to some standout franchises that have harnessed the immense potential of this flourishing market.

The Rise in Demand: Key Statistics

1. Homeownership Rate: Picture this - as of the first quarter of 2023, the U.S. homeownership rate stands at a staggering 66 percent. The higher the homeownership rate, the greater the need for your services.

2. Aging Infrastructure: Many homes in the United States are aging gracefully, with a substantial portion built before the 21st century. These homes, laden with character, require maintenance, repairs, and modern upgrades. This translates to an increasing demand for skilled home service providers.

3. Busy Lifestyles: In today's fast-paced world, modern homeowners are finding themselves with limited time for the upkeep and maintenance of their homes. This lifestyle shift is driving many to turn to professional home service providers who can save them precious time while ensuring quality work.

4. Aging Population: The aging population is an incredible source of demand for home services. With more senior citizens requiring assistance for daily tasks and home maintenance, home service franchises offering senior care, home cleaning, and handyman services are in exceptionally high demand.

5. Technological Integration: Embrace the power of technology. Advancements in tech, along with the widespread use of smartphones, make it easier for consumers to access home services. Mobile apps, online booking systems, and real-time service tracking are making it more convenient than ever to schedule and monitor these services.

Home Service Franchise Categories

Home services franchises offer entrepreneurs a wide range of opportunities to tap into the growing demand for convenient and essential services that help homeowners maintain and improve their living spaces. There are many exciting business ventures within each of these sectors:

  • Concrete Franchises

  • Construction & Building

  • Delivery Services

  • Flooring Franchises

  • Handyman Franchises

  • Home Care Assistance

  • Home Cleaning Franchises

  • Home Improvement

  • Home Inspection

  • Home Moving Franchises

  • Junk Removal Businesses

  • Lawn Care Franchises

  • Maintenance Franchises

  • Pest Control Franchises

  • Pet Home Services

  • Plumbing Franchises

  • Repair & Painting

  • Restoration Franchises

  • Security Franchises

  • Solar Energy

Home Service Franchise Examples

A multitude of franchises have tapped this soaring demand over a long period of time and are still taking advantage of the home services bonanza. Here are a few exemplary ones:

Mr. Electric - Established in 1994, Mr. Electric is a global franchise organization offering electrical installation and repair services to both residential and commercial clients.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing - With roots dating back to 1970, Mr. Rooter is the second-largest full-service plumbing and drain cleaning company in the United States.

Precision Door Service - For over two decades, Precision Door Service has been transforming customers' lives by designing, installing, and repairing garage doors and openers using the latest in garage technology.

Dryer Vent Wizard - A professional dryer vent cleaning services franchisor, helping homeowners breathe easier.

Door Renew - Don't replace, renew! Door Refinishing & Refurbishing services that offer a cost-effective alternative to homeowners.

Sir Grout - As a leading innovator in hard surface restoration, Sir Grout provides superior tile cleaning, stone and mobile honing, polishing, and grout recoloring services.

Ace Handyman Services - Providing home repair and handyman services across the country, no task is too big or too small.

The Category Opportunity

The home services industry is not just on the rise; it's soaring. Driven by factors like the homeownership rate, fast-paced lifestyles, an aging population, and technological advancements, the demand for these services continues to surge. Homeowners are actively seeking home service franchises to simplify their lives and maintain their homes efficiently. The home services industry offers a promising future filled with convenience and growth market opportunities. It's time to step into this thriving market, carve your niche, and embark on a journey of business ownership that's both lucrative and fulfilling.

Your Opportunity

If your interest is piqued and the possibilities resonate with you, I am here to support you at every step. So, whether you have specific questions, desire more information, or wish to speak directly with a franchise representative, I’m ready to assist!

Vicki Hamp, Founder & President of Self Employ Now



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